Italian Brewing Research Centre
The Italian Brewing Research Centre (CERB) is the first research institute on beer in Italy.

It was established in 2003. CERB’s quality management system hes been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2004. Than it has been accreditated as laboratory operating in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 17025.

CERB is the result of a bilateral agreement between University of Perugia and AssoBirra (The Italian Malters’ and Brewers’ Association) to reach common aims through different activities in beer sector.

The CERB activities are: R&D, technology, analysis, quality control, consultancy and education.

CERB is located in the University of Perugia facilities and supported with services, laboratories, pilot plants (1 hl pilot brew plant, pilot malting plant).

The working group is composed by food technologists, agronomists, chemists, and technical staff.

CERB deals with R&D on beer and raw materials.
In particular:

- Raw material characterization;
- Beer Production technology;
- Traceability of products.

Beer technology studies are conducted for supporting Italian Brewing Industries for problem solving and innovative technology transfer.

The Centre conducts quality testing on beer, malt brewing raw materials (maize, hops, etc.) and other materials such as process aids, according to requirements, are conducted.

The analytical methods meets the Analytica-EBC and MEBAK requirements.
CERB deals with consultancy activity for industry and laboratories of the beer area.
In particular:

- Setup of analytical methods;
- Laboratory scale production tests;
- Auditing;
- Literature collection.

Activity of education and training are effected as courses of updating, retraining, permanent education and high education for beer industry personnel. The language of the courses is Italian or English.
Courses and scholarships are organized for University or High school students. In particular, CERB collaborates with the University of Perugia for the realization of two courses on Fermented Beverages and Brewing Sciences in the second level Degree in Food Technology and Biotechnology.


JUNE 2017

The CERB has been included in the organizing committee of the next Trends in Brewing (Ghent, Belgium, 8th-12th April 2018), the most important European Congress in the field of brewing and malting research.




Published 2017 training course programm. Download the calendar



Giuseppe Perretti, Professor in Food and Technology Science at University of Perugia, nominated as new Director of the Italian Brewing Research Centre (CERB).




The University Master’s Degree in “Brewing technologies” takes place in the course of an Academic year for a total of 1500 hours providing  the training of the student to the following topics:
- Legislation, Quality and Safety
- Malting Technology
- Brewing Technology
- Analysis of ingredients and products
- Beer tasting
In addition, it is planned to carry out an internship at the headquarters of C.E.R.B. (Italian Brewing Research Center) or at one of the companies affiliated with C.E.R.B. and belonging to brewing industry.
The classes will be taught by university professors and experts, Italian and International, in the field of malt and beer...more information




The Training course "TECHNICAL BEER TASTING" is starting at the Italian Brewing Research Centre (CERB) of the University of Perugia. The course will be held at the CERB laboratories located at Casalina on 7-8th November 2014. To sign up is needed a bank transfer by 31th October 2014 ...more information.